Corsair Link Not Detecting H100i Windows 10

With this guide, you can troubleshoot the Corsair Link and see if the issue is resolved.

  1. Download and install Corsair Link software
  2. Start Corsair Link software
  3. Open the utility that you used to install your motherboard drivers (for example, ASUS AI Suite III)
  4. Start by clicking “Corsair Utility” on the top toolbar of the utility
  5. Then, click “Computer Management” on the left side of the window
  6. Now, Click Device Manager on the bottom bar of Device Manager window

7 . Look for “H100i” in Device Manager > Drivers tab > Driver Details > Name column

What is Corsair Link?

Corsair Link is a software and hardware implementation that supports hardware monitoring, control, and overclocking of compatible Corsair products.

The software has evolved to provide features such as data logging, easy and seamless firmware updates via USB, CPU-level monitoring and control, memory timings analysis, and more.

This software is useful for professional and casual users alike who want to overclock their computer’s processor speed or even monitor how many cores they have in their system. The software also has an automatic driver installation feature that automatically installs the latest drivers from Corsair’s servers when it detects the connected hardware device.

The Nitty Gritty of Using the H100i with Corsair Link Software

The H100i is a computer hardware that Corsair uses to cool their computers. It has the ability to cool down your computer by up to 100% while running at 0 dBA. This feature makes it a perfect choice for those who want lower noise and higher performance when doing work in the office or home.

One of the most important features of using this CPU cooler is that it comes with an Intel processor compatible software, which provides users with instant access to all the features of their CPU. With this software, users are able to monitor their temperature, speed and power consumption without any hassle.

How to Fix the Issue of Corsair Link Not Detecting the H100i on Windows 10?

Corsair Link software is a tool that lets you monitor the performance of your PC and get alerts when something goes wrong. The problem is that the software isn’t detecting the H100i on Windows 10.

The issue can be addressed by upgrading Corsair Link to version 2.01 or later, but if you’re not comfortable manually updating it, this article will help you fix the issue yourself with just a few commands on your computer.

Fixing the issue might take up to an hour, so we recommend following these steps during a weekend or when you can leave your computer running overnight.

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